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Welcome to the Duckblind.

In each picture, we capture a memory that will last a lifetime.

As our children grow up, they can look back at these memories and share with their children stories of their childhood. "Oh!, we're so messed up" & "Hunter of squirrel".

They will talk about the big fish that got away, riding into the "eye of the storm", jumping into the lake off the pontoon boat, hours at the sand bar and the stories that (hot foot) Dad told around the fire.

They will remember the aroma of Mom's skillet pie, the smell of warm apples and cinnamon filling the kitchen, pig roasts, deep fried turkey, hunting, playing clue and more time with family and friends than can be captured with the shutter of a camera.

In each visit, we squeeze out another day of joy, share in family & friends and breath the air that seems just a little bit cleaner.

We create memories that will last a life time. Please enjoy the Duckblind and each other while you're here - create your own memories.

-- Sit Long, Talk much and Laugh often.

Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often